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What is DID (Direct Inward Dialing)?

What is virtual number (DID)?

DID is a virtual telephone number, which has the same characteristics, as landline or mobile number. There is more – with help of DID, all the possibilities of real operating automatic telephone station (ATS) can be implemented.

This type of number gets linked with your sip account in VoipClub. Number may have the same format, as a number of almost any country in the world, and we will pick a number for you as close to your wishes, as we can.

Virtual number (DID) not only allows to accept calls and call others, but also to keep users real phone number hidden.

DID Control

VoipClub users control their DID using very simple and easily understandable interface, access to which is granted to all users which have signed up for this service.

Current interface allows changing some settings of DID any time and from any place on the planet. By signing up to DID, user can be sure, that none of calls will be missed, because this type of number allows to redirect all calls to any real mobile or landline communication device.

This way, virtual number (DID) allows to accept calls even when users is having some kind of force majeure, like if computer, on which the voip operators client software is installed, suddenly loses its power supply or breaks.

Connecting to virtual number (DID)

Absolutely any of VoipClub client programs has ability to connect virtual number (DID) to it. We will pick the best phone number for your communication device, taking all your wishes into consideration.

Advantages of virtual number

The main advantage of DID is ability to receive incoming calls from landline and mobile communication devices, not only calls within computer network.

Besides everything else, our clients have a chance to save funds on calls to people, important to them. For example, any firm, which is running its business in Russia, but having the main office in other country, can order Russian DID number and set the call forwarding to go directly to office. Economy is obvious.

Virtual Numbers (DID) for family

Virtual number (DID) for the whole family

VoipClub virtual number connection may obviously save budget of the family. To understand this kind of economy, an example should be reviewed.

So, you constantly live in Moscow, but one of your closest relatives (like father) is working in Milan. As you know it, regular landline calls to Italy are extremely expensive. The DID from VoipClub company is able to make this problem disappear for good., this way lowering communication expenses of the family.

So, what our client need to do is register his own DID number in Milan, pay for our services for some period of time and let the close people know the number.

That’s it – family budget economy problem is solved now. Now, not only you can call far abroad by low fees, but your close ones can hear your voice any time and they'll be charged in accordance to fees in their region.

Also, number of virtual DID on users account is unlimited. That means, that you are having a unique chance to always be online with your family, not depending on how far from home are you

Virtual Numbers (DID) for business

Virtual number (DID) for business

Nowadays, companies, which doesn’t use possibilities of internet to promote their business, have very high risks to attract much less clients, that they could have attracted, which means – much less profit that they could have got.

DID is the innovational tool to run business, using possibilities of Global Network. It gives the opportunity to considerably ease to carry on a conversation with potential or existing clients of the company

If you are seriously overthinking about rasing amount of sales and you don't want to work with all your clients at a time, but individually with every one of them, then purchasing virtual number (DID) from VoipClub voip telephony operator is the right decision for you.

Virtual number is a direct multi-channel phone number, which is not inferior and in some aspects even better than ATS’s in offices.

It is not tied to any specific place (to physical location of the office) and any additional equipment isn't needed for registration and operation of this network.

To start using DID only thing, that’s needed is a wideband network connection and presence of one real landline or mobile phone number.

Advantages of DID for business.

Virtual multi-channel phone number may be considered as the most optimum, fast and, what is not less concerning – cheap way of making qualitative office telephony network. Why is this sort of number better, than regular phone number?

- possibility of creating phone line with many channels (up to 50);

- possibility to forward incoming calls to any place all over the globe;

- Listening and recording calls;

- Greeting of the person, making call;

- Creating scenario of caller-computer conversation;

- Forwarding calls by prescribed scenario (for example, to phone of free employee of the office, to reception, and so on).

This way virtual number (DID) from VoipClub can become an irreplaceable assistant to organize qualitative multi-channel office communication structure with. Successful phone conversations and achieving positive results with large amount of individual clients guaranteed!

DID is able to:

- organize communication in offices of any companies;

- unite all the numbers, existing in the office into one multi-channel number;

- save phone number when office is being moved to another reg. of the country;

- integrate multiple offices into autonomous communication network;

Besides all that, administration of the company will always be able to control working process of the offices, structural units and even individual employees, and also, operatively conduct different market researches related to efficiency of advertisement campaign.

It’s worth saying, that virtual number (DID) from VoipClub operator allows optimization of communication expenses. This opportunity is implemented not only using low fares on outgoing voip calls, but also, by efficient method of control over telephony expenses.

High quality of communication is provided by VoipClub includes marked channels with the largest operators. VoipClub virtual number – when work brings pleasure!