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Just download and install our application.
Yes you can, through the VoipClub website after logging in.

Yes you can, please download software required by visiting the Download page.

Unfortunately not. Only destinations which we are able to offer at discounted rates are included in our destinations list. Therefore, if the country you wish to call is not included in the list, we do not offer it yet.
Yes, it is possible for a company to use the service.

You will not receive an invoice by post. All call specifications and costs can be seen on your account page on this website.

No, we don't have any connection fees.
VoipClub vouchers don't have a validity period, you can use them anytime.
You need to log-in to your account and proceed to the "User voucher" page (here).
You need to log-in to your account and proceed to the (Phone to Phone) page. Then you just enter two phone numbers you want to connect.
You need to log-in to your account and proceed to the (Call forwarding) page.

Use (Forward calls to) field to enter the number where calls will be forwarded to.
Choose different forwarding options in (Forward) field.
1) Before call - call will be forwarded every time, when you have a call on you SIP or DID number.
2) No answer - call will be forwarded in case you do not answer on you SIP or DID number.
3) Busy - call will be forwarded if your SIP or DID number is busy
4) Failed.
You need to log-in to your account and proceed to the (Payments) page.
You need to log-in to your account and proceed to the (Calls) page.

To become a reseller you have to:
Refill you reseller's account with 20 euro.

What you get afterwards:
1) (Level 1) 0.5% discount when buying credit (minimal discount, can't be reduced)
2) (Level 2) If you purchase credit for more than 500 euro weekly, you'll get 1% discount
3)  (Level 3) If you purchase credit for more than 100 euro weekly, you'll get 2% discount

Notice: If you have Level 2 or Lever 3 and your montly activity is less than 50 euro, then you'll be downgraded to 1 group lower, every month.

Example: You are Level 3 reseller and your current discount is 2%. If you haven't bought any credit during one month, you will be downgraded to Level 2 with 1% discount. No credit purchases for two month in a row - you've got Level 1 and minimal discount of 0.5%, which can't be reduced further.
Call back is a service, which allows connection between two persons in a way that each has an incoming call.

  • Considerable savings on calls, if you are abroad for a business trip.
  • Call rates are considerably lower than for normal local or international calls.
  • Instrument for savings anytime and anywhere.

How to start using Callback feature?

Click here.
1) Firstly, you need to add your telephone numbers (10 max.), you will be able to do Xox calls from these numbers.
2) You can see (magic) telephone number in red box with black background, to which you have to call from one of the numbers added in item 1)
3) After you called to (magic) number, your call will be dropped and you will be called back by a robot. You have to answer to this call, dial the number you need to call to and press #.

Congratulations, you've made a Callback call.
You can have your own telephone number in many countries, so your friends and colleagues can make very cheap calls to you using their local country number and your incoming
calls will be free of charge!

How does it work?
You have to proceed to DID (Virtual Number) page and choose a country to which your telephone number will belong. Then you just need to choose a city in the list shown and pay
for the number.

So, when you have a call to your DID (virtual number), you can answer:
1) With VoipClub software (Windows, Mac) - incoming calls are free.
2) Fixed VoIP phone - incomings call are free.
3) Mobile or regular fixed phones - incoming call costs per VoIPclub rate in your country.
Why do you need virtual (DID) numbers as a business owner? The reasons are following:
- International and long distance telephone calls are made with the caller only paying local call rates. You colleagues and clients can dial local numbers, like you or your office are situated in their city. So why spend money arranging the office, if you can just buy a local number in a place, where you have business interests.
Moreover, if you are moving anywhere - to another office, city or even country, you can keep all your numbers.
- You can customize various call forwarding options from virtual numbers (DIDs) for your convenience and flexibility.
For instance, you don't have any employees at the office on Saturday, however there's an employee who can answer calls from his home or mobile phone. So all you need is just to
setup call forwarding to his number(s). Or you can have one number in many remoted offices - if there's nobody to answer in one office, call is forwarded to another. (See below for detailed forwarding examples).
- Finally, there are many additional uses for local numbers. For example, consider the issue of privacy. If you place classified advertisements in a media and you wish prospective buyers to contact you without publishing your own, private telephone number, a temporary local number could be provided in the ad.

You can save a lot for your family budget using virtual numbers (DIDs) for long telephone conversations with relatives or close friends who live abroad. For example, your family lives in Wellington, New Zeland, but you live in London, UK. You would like your family to be able to phone you, but the long distance rates from New Zeland are very costly. If you purchase a Wellington virtual number (DID), anyone dialing that local number in Wellington would connect to your phone in London, but they would pay only local phone number rates.  

Please note, that quantity of virtual (DID) numbers per account is unlimited!

Call forwarding
You can set up forwarding options for your SIP or virtual number (DID) incoming calls.

1) Now, let's assume you're waiting for an important call from your business partners in Moscow, Russia. They are calling to your Moscow virtual number (DID), usually you've been using VoIP phone in your office, but you are out of the office now and want to forward all calls to your mobile. It's very simple to arrange - just go to Call Forwarding section in your VoIPclub account settings, type your mobile number in the "Forward calls to" field, choose "Before call" option and click on Set Forwarding button. That's it!

2) Another example - if you're usually using your SIP at home or in the office, but you're sometimes leaving your premises for a short period of time you can set up your forwarding in a way, that calls will be forwarded to your mobile only in cases, when there's no answer on your SIP device. Again, proceed to Call Forwarding section, type your mobile number in the "Forward calls to" field and choose "No answer" option.

Now you can choose the rate for a call. Call quality depends on a chosen rate. If you're not satisfied with Standard rate call quality, you can switch to Premium rate here. Notice: Caller ID may not work with Standard rate chosen. Please choose Premium in this case and Caller ID will work in 95% of destinations.
Caller ID may not work with Standard rate chosen. In this case please choose Premium rate here and Caller ID will work in 95% of destinations.
The minimum call cost is 0.01 Euro. For example, you're calling to destination with a rate of 0.008 euro. If the call duration was 1 minute or less, 1 Euro cent will be deducted from your balance, but if the call lasted for 2 minutes, you will pay 0.008 + 0.008 = 0.016 Euro.
Account details.
1)Credit available on your account: Here you can check your credit available.
SIP server for you: Here you can note your SIP server.
Use PIN card for Log in: Here you can enable or disable the use of PIN card to access your account. We recommend that you use the PIN card codes, if you have significant amount
of money on your account.
VoIP trunk: Here you can choose between Standard and Premium rates. Depending on the rate plan selected, call charges may be different.Premium rate has 95% CLI to all destinations.
2) Personal information Here you can fill in your personal or company details. Notice: In case you send us documents for verification, you will not be able to edit any information on this page after
successful verification process.
3) Reseller information Resellers may add some information about themselves, which will be available to buyers in the country chosen by resellers.
For info publication you have to click on "+Add record" button and fill in the information to be available in public.
You can add several records about yourself for different countries.
Once you've added all records about yourself, and after the records have been verified by support staff, your information will be released in public and will be available for both registered
and non-registered members when purchasing credit.
You can always delete the information about yourself, to do this - just click "Disallow publication" button.
4) My documents Here you can upload scans/images of your documents for verification. After successful verification process you can use new payment systems (eg PayPal) and get other benefits as
trusted client.
а) You are required to upload a picture of your passport or other ID document.
b) Also, you have to upload a photo on which you're holding the passport (or any other ID) in your hand. Both your face and the document should be visible.
Notice: After documents verification you will not be able to change your contact details.
5) Change password Here you can change your password for account access.

1) Phone to Phone - Here you can use Phone to Phone call function. Just enter the two numbers you want to connect and wait for the call. Notice: You pay for incoming calls to
both numbers, according to the VoipClub rates.
2) Call forwarding - Here you can set-up your call forwarding. You can find more details in "Call forwarding" FAQ.
3) Send SMS - On this page you will be able to send SMS to mobile phones all around the world.
4) Callback - Here you can use Callback function. More details on this function and its usage in "What is a Callback and how to use it?" FAQ.
5) DID numbers - Here you can buy or extend already bought virtual (DID) numbers. More details - in "DID (Virtual Number)" FAQ.
6) DID forwarding - Here you can set-up call forwarding from your virtual (DID) numbers to another number.
7) Caller ID - Here you can set-up your Caller ID.

1) Referrals - Here you can find information about the affiliates program and your link/banner to post on your own website, blog, etc.
2) Generated accounts - If you are a reseller, you will be able to see the list of client's generated accounts on this page.
3) Create Multiple Accounts - Here you will be able to generate new accounts for your clients.
4) API administration - Various API functions and its administration. More information about the API can be found here (API documentation).

1) Buy credit - Here you can recharge your account balance. Enter amount required in the field and click "Calculate money to pay" for calculating the amount to pay. Then you can
select one of the available payment system and click Checkout to make a payment. Notice: You must upload an ID document in order to pay via AlertPay and Paypal systems.
2) Generate vouchers - Here you can generate Voipclub vouchers. Vouchers are available in the following denominations: 5, 10, 25 euros. You have to choose the voucher
denomination and specify an amount to generate.
3) Refill customer account - Here you can recharge clients' accounts, if you are a reseller. To do this you need to specify client(s) login and the amount for
recharging their balance.
4) Redeem voucher - Here you can use Voipclub's own voucher(s) to recharge your own account balance. Just enter your voucher number in the field and click Redeem.

1) Rates - Here you can find information on Voipclub call and sms rates. To do this you have to type the country name in the line and select required one from a drop-down list.
You can also display all the rates in one list by clicking on the link below.
2) Payments - Here you can view the history of all payments made with your account.
3) Calls / SMS history - Here you can see the history of your calls and sms sent.
4) Vouchers - Here you can see all of your vouchers, both used and active.

    Is VoIP blocked by your ISP?

    Do you want to make CHEAP international calls?

    Would you like to use international VoIP provider?

    Unblock VoIP anywhere!


Problem is that VoIP is blocked or restricted in some Locations. Also VoIP is blocked by some ISP or Mobile Operators. Sometimes VoIP is allowed but quality is artificially decreased by internet service provider.


If VoIP is blocked in your Location or ISP decrease the quality of internet calls then you can use VPN connection to bypass such blocking or restricting. When you are connected VPN all your data are encrypted and hidden in the tunnel, so your ISP is not able to see what are you doing on the internet. That's why VoIP can not be blocked or restricted. VPN connection also gives you better privacy of your internet calls. You can get a cheap and quality VPN Account with our partner: and make VoIP calls without restrictions!!!

When forwarding DID numbers to a mobile or landline phone, you need to enter a phone number in international format. You need to log in to your account, in account menu choose the tab Devices / DID forwarding and enter your phone number. An example of how to write a phone number for call forwarding: For example Spanish number: 34634908XXX First is the country code (34), followed by the phone number (634908XXX) The possible options how to enter the numbers: 34634908XXX 0034634908XXX
We are happy to present an API with reseller function. The API is only available for resellers. To get the list of available APIs resellers can see in their account menu by choosing a TAB Clients/API Administration.
During the call phone to phone, there is 2 charges to the both directions. For example, your Spanish phone number: 3461728XXX and you want to call to Latvia to the phone number 37112617XXX. To Spain one minute of call cost 0.0126 and to Latvia, one minute of call cost 0.0218. Which makes phone to phone call 0.0126+0.0218= 0.0344 EUR you will pay for one minute of call duration.